Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pay It Forward {Day 30/Year 2}


30 days of blogging...DONE!

30 days of finding some way big or small to pay it forward to someone somewhere.

Some were folks I know like my favorite bloggers, my son and my husband.

Others days were to incredible organizations, random people behind us in line and in ways that might never actually get noticed.

My favorites were always the ones that involved seeing the joy Liam gets in giving freely and unconditionally to others.

Last year, I felt inspired and invigorated by the challenge each and every day. There were days when I almost jumped out of bed in anticipation of finding a way to pay it forward. This year was much more challenging and I'm not sure why.

I'll be honest, there were many times this month when I thought of throwing in the towel and then I'd get an email, tweet or Facebook message from one of YOU telling me how this has inspired YOU to do do something kind for a stranger.

Your kindness overwhelms and excites me.

I had planned to write a post this evening about how I didn't think I could muster all that it takes to do this for 30 days straight next year. And, then I started linking back to those posts up at the top and I fell head over heels with the idea again.

Just because this year was different from last year doesn't make it worse, just different.

I'm left inspired and wondering what a different world we could have if we all gave more, not just once a year at the holidays, but everyday.

What if we not only took care of ourselves, but woke each day looking to take care of each other too?

It doesn't have to be monumental or monetary or take an entire day. Sometimes a simple smile or hello is all it takes to change someone's outlook for the day, week or month.

Thank you for taking this journey with me again.

I am so lucky to have each of you as a reader!


(My pay it forward was social media based again today as I decided to close out the month commenting on blogs, tweets and status updates.)

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