Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pay It Forward {Day 29/Year 2}

I'm not very crafty.

I'm easily, dare I say, very easily distracted.

I find it difficult to buy gifts for people and not give them to them immediately.


Why do I choose to raise Liam almost entirely outside of our household?

Because it keeps me honed in, it keeps me present--in the moment.

A skill that is almost beyond reach for me within the confines of our home.

Here there always seems to be a phone call to be made, a text to zip out, an email to write, a room to be tidied, a fridge to be inventoried, a load of laundry to be put in...the list goes on and on and on.

Yet, from the moment I made the decision to stay home with Liam I knew that to me there was a difference between a stay-at-home mom and a homemaker. I have no problem with either title, but homemaking has never been for me.

So in order for me to be present in raising him, often that means we go out to learn.

Liam loves home though and he is expressing that more and more these days, so I've been making an effort to respect that.

On Black Friday I bought over a dozen craft projects for him for Christmas, and then today we did at least 7 of them.

We stayed home, I stayed present and we crafted together.

They are meant for 6 year olds (aka...they are about my speed), but he does well with them.

We worked together. We laughed together. We took pride in our work.

My Pay It Forward today was to honor that his preferences are sometimes simply different than mine and to make space in our lives for both of our natural inclinations.

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