Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vintage Me: Theatre

VINTAGE ME is a series I started in June while I was away at the Type-A Parent conference in Asheville, NC and I'm continuing it this week while I am attending BlogHer '11 in San Diego, CA.

My challenge to you? Find the most awkward photo of you and be ready to post it the week of August 8th. I'll have a Linky here and there will be prizes for the most awkward winners.

I wish I could find my huge book of high school drama pictures. I nearly trashed our house one weekend looking for them. You'll have to settle for these tid bits.

The one on the left is from The King and I.

The one on the right from Father of the Bride.

These are from community theatre.

The one on the left is from The Miracle Worker.

The one on the right from A Christmas Carol.

Now we get a nice excruciating for me yet super fun one for you.

The one on the left from Kickline at my high school talent show called Band Bounce.

The one on the right at a cast party. For some reason I just love this shot.

From a haunted house that was run in an old church. Stellar acting, I was "dead person on stairs". The best part is that legally we weren't allowed to move or touch people or make noises because of the stair issue, but EVERYONE was freaked out that we were going to. 

From The Man Who Came to Dinner. I was the crazy old chick.

From Bye Bye Birdie. I was the tap dancing bimbo and it should be noted this was before I actually knew how to tap dance. Comical and I had to land in the splits where in a previous scene they had just dumped out a can of coke. Classy, no?

I'll be taking a break tomorrow for Capture the Everyday, but come back Friday-Monday for more VINTAGE ME!

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