Thursday, August 4, 2011

Capture the Everyday: Screenshot

My name is Alissa and I am addicted to "tabs". Drives Tim bonkers, makes me so happy. On the screen shot below I have the fewest amount of tabs I ever have open, it's usually at least around 20.

Today's Capture the Everyday prmopt was a screen shot of your computer, since that's the means of this blog, keeping in touch with family and friends, commenting on both Facebook and Twitter, etc.

Since I'm at BlogHer today and more specifically at the pre-sessions called Pathfinder Day I thought that was an appropriate page to show you since it's been occupying nearly every waking hour of my thoughts for at least the last week or so.

You'll also see Gmail open, my Spotify account page, info on how to write an ebook (I'm thinking about it), Twitter, Clever Girls, my Blogger dashboard, BlogHer, and Facebook. It's my standard template and then any additional links I want to check out just get added to the endless list of open tabs.

So what's up on your computer screen today?

This post is part of Melissa's Capture the Everyday project over at Adventuroo. If you've got a moment, go check it out! It's always great to see how different people interpret the prompts!

**REMEMBER: Check back in tomorrow for more VINTAGE ME photos!

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