Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vintage Me: Middle School (Unleash the Beast)

VINTAGE ME is a series I will be posting this week while I am away at the Type-A Parent conference in Asheville, NC and again the first week of August while I am attending BlogHer '11 in San Diego, CA.

My challenge to you? Find the most awkward photo of you and be ready to post it the week of August 8th. I'll have a linky here and there will be prizes for the most awkward winners. 

I love this picture. Always have, always will. It's from my first middle school production of "Charlotte's Web".

Just getting my middle school photo shoot on with a camera that took 110 speed film. Also, notice the vest--I had a lot of those then. That and silk shirts. Eeek.

My first real boyfriend, he's now a Dean at a high school. Those earrings? Trolls. My middle school years were riddled with ridiculously long and weird earring choices. Please forgive me, so I can forgive myself.

A few things with this picture. 1) It's shot in a locker room...kinda weird. 2) HyperColor clothing...enough said. Although not really. The pink dangling out the bottom of my plaid shorts (that I stole from my oldest brother...shhh!) are HyperColor shorts. Who thought that was a good idea?? HyperColor for those unaware is clothing that changes color when it gets warm. Again, shorts??? Not a good idea at. all.
Oh, yes. This is actually 8th grade dancing. I think the guy's name is Chris, but I can't really remember. It was a big deal though. OoooOooooo.

My then step-dad really must love my mom a lot, because she got him to get dressed up in a duck costume shortly after they got married. That's love, yo!

I used to spend some time every summer with my grandparents in Missouri. I have the best memories of it. My grandparents went to clown school in their 60's or 70's so they could go entertain the folks at the nursing home. This took an entire day as I had to learn all the make-up techniques just so. Their professional clown names were Bert and LuLu. Rest in peace!

Stop by tomorrow for more VINTAGE ME!

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