Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vintage Me: School Dances

VINTAGE ME is a series I will be posting this week while I am away at the Type-A Parent conference in Asheville, NC and again the first week of August while I am attending BlogHer '11 in San Diego, CA.

My challenge to you? Find the most awkward photo of you and be ready to post it the week of August 8th. I'll have a linky here and there will be prizes for the most awkward winners.

**This series is going on hiatus until the first week of August.**

(insert sad face here)

So, I thought I'd post something a little extra special...the "school dances" post which could also be called "Same Dress/Different Dude". (The frugal among you might rejoice.)

Same: Shirt 
Different: Dude

Same: Dress 
Same: Dude 
Different: Background

Same: Dress 
Different: Dude

Same: Dress 
Different: Dude
(I loved this dress.)

Perhaps I'll find some more "dance" pictures later. To be honest, if I can find my Freshman homecoming dress before the "Awkward" contest--it's totally gonna be up there.

See you back here for more VINTAGE ME photos in 6 weeks!

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