Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage Me: Elementary School

VINTAGE ME is a series I will be posting this week while I am away at the Type-A Parent conference in Asheville, NC and again the first week of August while I am attending BlogHer '11 in San Diego, CA.

My challenge to you? Find the most awkward photo of you and be ready to post it the week of August 8th. I'll have a linky here and there will be prizes for the most awkward winners. 

You know this was the eighties by the spiral perm. I'm not quite sure WHY my mother insisted that I get spiral perms. They would fall out of my uber-straight hair within a few days and we'd go back for a second one--ugh! Nothing like burning, blistering skin to make your little girl feel special?And, as you can see even after two back-to-back perms it's not very spiral-y.

My sixth grade (end of elementary where I grew up) graduation. I was the class speaker, so I put on a little glitz. Pow!
I have no idea what the impetus behind this picture is. But, it kind of makes me laugh. It's obviously shortly after my parents split at my dad and step-mom's new digs. Things that make you look longingly into a camera and say "hmmmm".

Here's what this picture says to me: "My parents took me to this zoo, made me ride on this pony to show my younger siblings all is well." I have no actual recollection of this event so maybe I was really into it. How would you caption it?

Ahh, and here we go, the angst really begins here. I do not like that my parents are divorced. I do not like that they have remarried.--perhaps I'll make the next 10 years of their life a living hell...

Stop by tomorrow for more VINTAGE ME!

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