Thursday, June 23, 2011

Capture the Everyday: Crunchy Snack

Have Pretzels Will Travel

This week the prompt for Capture the Everyday was something you or your kids like to snack on.

Liam and I could eat pretzels all day every day.

When I was pregnant with him it was kettle cooked potato chips that had my name all over them. Unfortunately we inherited a mouse who took up space in our kitchen and would gnaw a whole in the bag of chips every. single. time. we bought them and he'd eat them or scurry away and store the whole bag before I woke up in the morning. Funny thing is, he'd chew the hole in the bottom, so you'd think all was well until you tore open the untouched top of the bag. Damn mouse!

Anywho, Liam and I love pretzels... he loves the wheel shaped ones, I like the mini-rods. However we're stuck with a gigantic tub of the traditional shape leftover from his class picnic.

What's your favorite snack? Do you crave salty, sweet or the double threat of salty and sweet?

This post is part of the Capture the Everyday series that Melissa of Adventuroo fame hosts every Thursday. Have a blog? Come link up at her site!

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