Tuesday, November 2, 2010

PIF: Day Two

Pay it Forward: Day Two

Today started out a bit more promising than yesterday in that we actually DID get to hold the door for someone. As we walked into our polling place today, there was a woman in some kind of rush. I'm pretty sure that if we hadn't held the door she would have just passed through it with some crazy, I'm-in-a-rush-doors-cannot-contain-me kind of super power teletransport mechanism. But, we did in fact get to hold the door open. However, I felt like the effort went un-noticed and was unlikely to be repaid to some other human being with an act of kindness--so I decided it didn't really count. Maybe it was like a paper you got half credit for in school. Now, we didn't need her to notice in the form of gratitude, but just enough to "pay it forward".

So, onto part two...where I allowed Liam to have his pacifier outside of his crib for a whole 20 minutes before nap time. And, then I let him sleep with me in "mamma room" for his nap. Both of these things are very very VERY rare in our house. We can count the number of times he has slept in our bed on our fingers, but I thought that when Tim came home and went looking for us, it would give him a nice "warm fuzzy" to see us sleeping away together. As luck would have it, I awoke mere seconds after Tim found us and it seemed to have worked.

And, the whole paci thing? I figured if Liam got a little extra love today, maybe he would pay it forward to Tim by being in a great mood. My nightly report from Tim was that they did indeed have a great night.

All in all, it was a couple of small acts. But, since it seemed to bring both of my guys a little extra joy I'm calling day two a success.


  1. That's so sweet! I need to do something for Dean tomorrow, maybe a sno-cone after school. He had a meltdown of epic proportions at lunchtime today and had to take an early nap. We're gonna need a do-over!

  2. It definitely worked - seeing you guys happy and sleeping together just put me in a great mood for the rest of the evening, and Liam and I had a great time together!



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