Monday, November 1, 2010

PIF: Day One

Pay It Forward: Day One

It's only day one and already I am finding this a much more challenging project than I anticipated. Shortly after I woke up this morning, I remembered my challenge for this month and started to think of where I might be able to insert random acts of kindness into my day. 

It wasn't long after, that I realized that I didn't want to include things that I would already be likely to do--like hold doors open for people. Although even attempting to do that as a parent of a toddler would be challenging since people are prone to offer to hold the door for us. And, asking them not to so that we could open the door for them just seems counterproductive. I also thought of things I could do for Liam, like getting him a special donut at the farm we visited this morning, but because that is a) something I would likely do anyway and b) he wasn't likely to really "pay that forward" I decided that wouldn't work either.

As the day wore on and I found it more and more difficult to find a way to truly do something nice and unexpected for someone else, I decided that I wouldn't eat dinner at home. We had ordered a truly gargantuan pizza last night that would have made for a tasty meal, but that I would whiz thru the drive-thru and pay for the meal of the person behind me. There were no joke 10 cars in line and as I turned in I thought about speeding up and cutting someone off so that they would be behind me. But, again I thought this counterproductive to piss someone off just to be nice to them. I thought they might not enjoy the gesture the same and well...intentionally cutting people off just doesn't spread love and happiness in the world. So, I took my turn in line behind 10 other cars and wouldn't you know it..NO ONE ELSE came in behind me. Hmmmm.

Next, I thought I'd stop at the super huge convenience store near my gig and pick up some puppy treats for my co-worker who just adopted a dog this weekend. But, no dice, they only had puppy food and I know that some folks are particular about their pup's diet.....averted again. As, I looked around the store for some sort of inspiration since I knew after work I would have little or no chance to "Pay it Forward" and it's only day one. As I was leaving I spotted a candy that I knew she liked...this would have to do. 

In interpreting for longer assignments we switch each other out at predetermined intervals and on my "off" turn I craftily put it in her purse (read: told her to look the other way). I honestly thought she saw exactly what I did, but as I later saw her go into her purse and then the subsequent look of glee that crossed her face, I considered PIF: Day One a success.

Remember to keep track of your random acts of kindness this month as there will be a sweet reward at the end for those that do.


  1. Yay! I love this idea. Glad you made it work for you today!!

  2. Glad to have been on the receiving end of PIF Day One!

  3. And I love, love, love this picture of Liam :)

  4. This IS a very hard thing to do. How about a pooper scooper attached to a stake with bags in your yard? And a sign that says "Don't Orphan Your Dog's Poo. Take it to go!" That would be VERY kind. LOL---Julia

  5. @ Julia: I like the way you think, especially since he got into it again last week. Grrr.

    @ Jen: Thanks. I'm thinking it's going to change the way I think. It changes my whole day when my perspective is how can I do better for others all day long...


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