Wednesday, November 3, 2010

PIF: Day Three

Pay it Forward: Day Three

Today was relatively easy in that we were able to give some vitamin drops that we had purchased for Liam to a friend who has a younger son.

Since I nursed Liam for the first year, they almost instantly had us on vitamin drops for him to make sure that he was getting enough vitamin D. And, he LOVED them! It was hands down the very best part of his day. As he grew older we used to save them for a meltdown or to reward excellent behavior because he really did love them that much. When most kids made the transtion around a year to chewables, we stayed with the drops because he was so stinkin' excited about them. Then, when he got hand-foot-mouth at 20+ months and needed to take some fever reducing medicine to manage his off the charts temperature--he balked. He didn't like the taste of that liquid medicine and would never go back to the vitamin drops. The vitamin drops that are not cheap by any stretch of the pocketbook, he would no longer take. So, we threw out our open package and tried to figure out what to do with the other bottle that was unopened, but not returnable. 

Today was the perfect solution as we were able to pass it along to a friend who could use it.

Day three, a success. 

Don't forget to keep a note of your own random acts of kindness as 30 people will be rewarded for it on the last day of the month.

Also go visit Jen at Hey, Y'all and Ellen at Open-Ended Art for Young Children who are both blogging every day this month.

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