Thursday, November 4, 2010

PIF: Day Four

Pay It Forward: Day Four

Today I had the opportunity to practice patience with someone who not only stresses me out on a weekly basis, but I'm pretty sure stresses out 99% of the people they meet on a daily basis. As part of my "Pay It Forward" motif here on the blog I decided to have unlimited patience with the person today. It's was an amazing reminder of how very much in control we CAN be of how we interact with people if only we CHOOSE to do so. Hopefully they felt a subtle shift in the tone of communication and that that shift towards the positive will in some way lead them to different and more positive interactions with folks today.

The best part of my day though, was when someone else made my day today. It was pouring here in Baltimore for most of the day, as it almost always seems to on Liam's school days. Poor kids aren't going to see the playground until Spring at this rate. Anywho, on the way to pick him up I decided that we could go out to a local chain burger place and that I'd see if anyone else was up for it. I didn't actually expect people to be able to shift nap times and meal schedules for toddlers on such late notice, but I asked anyway. And, one mom said she could join us and seemed excited about it. This one little "yes" lifted my spirits for the rest of the day. It truly gave my step a bit extra pep all day long. So, thanks PN--you made my day. And, I know that carried on to my interactions with others. 

Day Four? Success!


  1. I totally want to go to the burger joint with you and Liam. :)
    Glad your PIF project is going so well!

  2. Thanks Jen. It's much more challenging than I thought. I think I had ideas that I'd be able to save the world or at least do more grand gestures. I love your daily posts too.

  3. did you go to Five Guys and get hotdogs?? :)

  4. These are wonderful posts Alissa! You're reminding me to PIF by writing these! Thank you!

  5. I echo the sentiments by others. Your PIF posts are inspirational! Gotta say, this post in particular rang true with me today because I also had to deal with one of "those" people yesterday. I chose to keep my mouth shut several times; however, I do wonder if I'm doing them a disservice by not saying anything. Hmmm... sounds like a new blogpost idea. ;) Keep up the awesome work.

  6. @ Jamie: Z Burger. Liam had a hot dog, I ventured out and had a cheeseburger. Shocking, I know.

    @ Kelli: Sorry to hear that "those" people are in your town too. New blog post? Yes please!

    Thanks everyone! Just imagine if everyone looked out for the good they could do for others?? We could change the world one stroller at a time. :)


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