Thursday, November 4, 2010


If there was an Oscar given out to "Most Drama In A Given Day That Has Nothing To Do With You", today would have won hands down. I kid you not, this blog could be chock-full of good juicy bits, but then that wouldn't be very nice of me to air stuff that I have no business having my nose in anyway, would it?

Instead, I'll tell you about my travels home last night. It all started on the way to take Liam to gymnastics yesterday morning when he declared, " You needa gas!". And, I was all, "I'm low (1/4 tank), but we're good.". He was not having it though, over and over again, "Mamma you needa gas!". I should have listened, because on the way home I started to run out. The gas light came on in a not so great part of town, so I tried to make it a little farther and then I realized I was just simply not going to make it. So, I pulled off and there was \not a single gas station in sight no matter which way I turned. My car started to sputter a little, I knew I needed some fuel soon so I pulled out the GPS (or BGS as Liam calls it) pulled back the view and looked for gas station symbols. There were two not too far from where I was and I made my way there only to find that one was just a store that is usually, but not in this case, affiliated with a gas station. The second? Out of business. Gahhhh! And, now I had been of course long enough that I KNEW couldn't make it home. So, I zipped off at the next exit and frantically looked for a station as my car sputtered in the left turn lane...I crossed my fingers and toes and eye lashes. I made it in, barely.

I thought I had a 13 gallon tank, but it must be 13.5 since I put 13.49 gallons in the tank. Whew! 

Next time when Liam says, "You needa gas!" this mamma will listen.

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