Friday, November 5, 2010

PIF: Day Five

Today was easy and FUN. I made a point of announcing the winners of the "Trick-or-Treating" event here on the blog to all the winners first thing this morning. Allowing folks to relish in their win all day long. I know they relished it, because I saw a lot of exclamation points in return. So, that was a ton of fun and I think put lots of extra good karma in motion for the day.

Then, at Target after lunch Liam and I let someone go ahead of us in line. She seemed pleased and we weren't in that big of a rush, but we did miss Super Why! (Liam's all-time favorite show). So it was at least a little bit of a sacrifice on our part, more for Liam than me.

Liam practiced his own act of kindness when on his own he offered his buddy some grapes at play group today.

And, Tim even got in on the action today while he was at Guitar Center. He was in the back room strumming along on an acoustic guitar while a salesman was showing a boy and his mom around the store. After the sales guy left, they young kid came over and asked Tim if he would mind playing the guitar for him. The kid admitted that he didn't know anything about guitars and asked Tim his opinion. After Tim offered up his thoughts, the kid went and found another guitar and again asked Tim to play it and then asked him which guitar he thought was better. Tim took the time to play not one, but two guitars and gave the kin (and his mom) an honest opinion about which guitar was the best. As it turns out he recommended the cheaper one--I know the mom loved that.

Reminder: Keep track of your own random acts of kindness this month as there will be a bit of  "Bliss" available for 30 lucky folks.

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