Saturday, November 6, 2010

PIF: Day Six

Pay It Forward: Day Six

Six has always been my lucky number, my favorite number, it seems to present itself everywhere in my life from totals at the gas pump to number of pennies in my pocket, etc. It's always worked out for me, so maybe subconsiously that's why I had to work a little harder today at the "pay it forward" initiative. It's a weekend and we didn't have anything particular planned so I knew that I was unlikely to find external stimulus for my daily random act of kindess. Although, I did take a job this evening that I knew was especially challenging to fill--so I'll call that in as half credit.

My real push today was in commenting on other folks' blogs. As a blogger myself, I know how rewarding it is to receive comments on your blog. It's a kind of validation that you spoke to people, and for me it's always interesting which posts receive comments and which don't. The ones I am just sure will receive lots, receive none and the ones I write that I think might not connect with people or might not connect enough that they'll want to comment on, receive a flood of comments. I like it that my readers always keeps me guessing, it fuels me to try and be better. Any way you slice it though, comments as a blogger are a really, really nice little present.

When I got home form work today (an hour and 15 minutes ago) I read and commented on every single blog in my Blogroll (to the right). It took me a lot longer than I imagined almost longer than I had time for as I need to get this post done today. But, I finished at the last second and really enjoyed connecting and reading everyone that I have up there. Some I read daily, others I check in on once in awhile. But, taking the time to read, enjoy and comment on each of them really allowed me to re-connect with why they are there in the first place.

So, if you have a moment or two today or during the week, take a moment and check them out. They are all really fantastic. And, don't forget to check out Jen at Hey,Y'all and Ellen at Open-Ended Art for Young Children who are both participating in National Blog Posting Month as well.


  1. I like your Pay It Forward series...what a good idea:) Take a look at our blog if you get the chance: Take care and keep up the good blogging!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I love that you have a favorite number. Mine is 5. I was ecstatic when Dean was born on the 5th of January. What a good idea, leaving comments on EVERYONE's blogs! I always try to comment, too. I know how happy it makes me when they appear in my inbox!

  3. That is really sweet... and a great idea for your Pay It Forward series! I really should try that. I'm sure it WOULD take a bit of time, but when people comment on my blog, I do try to return the favor. Those comments are what motivate me some days. Thanks for your daily inspirations.

  4. Thanks girls!

    @ Jen: In addition to 6, fabulous stuff always happens to me on Friday the 13ths. I got my first real job, I went into labor, etc. Good stuff!


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