Sunday, November 7, 2010

PIF: Day Seven

Pay It Forward: Day Seven

Well..whoop whoop! I won a $50 Kodak Gallery gift card from BoredMommy. That was a very nice surprise to find in my inbox and it certainly lifted my spirits today. Thanks, Maria!

I think Liam really got "Pay it Forward" started in our house today when he saw Tim paging through a Porshe magazine. It went a little something like this.

Liam: You readin' a car magazine?
Tim: Yeah, it's a Porshe magazine?
Liam: You like 'em?
Tim: I do buddy, they are very nice.
Liam: You should getta one for your birthday.
Tim: Oooh, I'd like that, but I don't have enough money.
Liam: (thinks) (thinks) I have a money in my piggy bank. You canna have it. (Goes upstairs and empties his bank.

(Cue Liam gets ice cream.)

So sweet!

For me, my Pay It Forward was more subtle today. I listened to someone who just needed to be listened to today. I didn't offer advice, or opinions...just listened and let them vent. And, then I sent all the positive energy in the world to them today as I know they need it.

And, lastly I designed (personalized a Blogger template) a blog for my sister-in-law (Fueled By Love) who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It felt so good to do something, since there is so very little I can do to help.She's gonna rock this recovery!!


  1. I adore that picture of Liam! You know, sometimes a willing listener is JUST what is needed! Sending lots and lots of good vibes to your sister in law, too.

  2. These days, listeners are few & far between. You are the definition of a good friend!! And as far as Liam goes... you are absolutely spreading the love!! My neighbor has a spend/save/give bank for her daughter, and she offered to buy her daddy a mustang for his birthday. Too cute. I need to pick up one of those banks for my kids. Maybe I'll finally get that red & black mini-cooper I've been dreaming of. ;)

  3. @ Jen: He looks a little redneck, cracks me up.

    @ KI tried to give him pennies for the fountain the other day and he insisted we take them home for his bank instead. Perhaps Liam will buy both of us cars some day. :)


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