Friday, September 10, 2010

The Update


The good GREAT news is that medically Liam is one very fit fiddle. Hooray!

The sad news is that the doctor thinks this whole ordeal is related to my going back to work after an incredibly slow (read non-existent) work life this summer. The last few weeks it's been intermittent, but certainly more work than the preceding 3 months. And, next week I'll be at 6 days a week until December. His advice? Go back to the "crying it out" method for 5 days (naps/bed times) and if he hasn't gone back to his regular sleep schedule by them to see a behaviorist next Thursday at 10:30.

As with anything parental there are folks on all sides of this approach. We have had good success with this approach in the past and feel confident that it works not only for us, but in the end for Liam as well. We are strongly of the opinion that sleeping alone in one's own room is a gift that we give Liam. And, so this whole thing has been upsetting for us to say the least.

Tonight was our first go 'round and he was asleep after one hour of screaming like he was being eaten alive by a raging cougar. That compared to the 4 hours it took last week is an improvement that looks incredibly (knock on wood) promising to us.

Here's to fitful sleep!


  1. Hang in there! And please feel free to drop him off in the evening and/or weekend for a few hours so you can catch some zzzzz's


  2. He did great last night. My body on the other hand was too jazzed to sleep. I think my brain didn't know what to do since it wasn't sleeping next to all that cuteness.

    Not that Tim's not cute and all, know what I mean. :)


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