Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yes. We. Can.

Little Dude has had quite the week of frolicking with friends. Since mid-morning Wednesday he seems to have been constantly at a play date of some kind of another. And, twice he has fallen asleep at someone else's home. I know this is probably old hat to most 2-year-olds on the planet, but not ours. He has only fallen asleep at someone else's house, without us present, one other time in his life--Valentine's Day of this year.

For Father's Day this year I bought Tim tickets to O.A.R. and the show was this past Thursday. It was exciting to have a real date--a date that required tickets and had a pre-arranged sitter. It was a little intense, mostly because I feared he would freak-out and cry and not go to sleep and that we would be inconveniencing the great friends who agreed to watch him. And, then this happened:

Jamie: (an hour and a half after his usual bed time): "Liam, I think it's time to go to sleep now."
Liam: (closes eyes, feigns sleep)
Jamie: (to her husband) "I didn't think 2-year-olds could "pretend" to go to sleep."
Liam: "Yes. We. Can.".

Perhaps he should have stumped for the Obama campaign?

And, then tonight we went to play poker. Well, Tim played poker and I watched from the sidelines. And, I took him upstairs to a strange room, sang him "Amazing Grace" twice through and down he went.

I should know better by now. Every time I get nervous that something might be challenging for him to get through, he sails effortlessly through. I am so proud of him.

Pssst- Remember that "All You Need Is Love" song here. He told me yesterday that it's "All You Need Is Lasagna".

Dude, I couldn't have said it better.


  1. Don't you love how our kids blow our minds all the time? I never thought Dean would nap on a mat at mother's day out. Apparently, he's the first one down. (When I try to put him on it at home? He escapes.)
    I think he's onto something with "All You Need Is Lasagna."

  2. Liam is soo funny :-) Glad he is so adaptable! I always just pull the stroller nap trick.

  3. Hi Alissa! Thanks so much for email about my blog (Eats Well With Others). I really love your stories about your son...he sounds adorable!

    And he and I are very like-minded. All I ever really need is lasagna.

  4. @ Allison: Liam only sleeps in his crib. Ahh, wish he would let me rock him to sleep in a stroller. Maybe I should just bribe him with lasagna from here on out.

    PS-30 minutes after this post, he and Tim got home and he was up 'til 4am. I will not tempt the gods by posting before morning next time.


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