Monday, August 2, 2010


After Tim went back to work when Liam was born, and every morning for at least the first year of his life he and I danced around to this song. It was the best way to start our day. When he learned to giggle, we would spin, he would giggle, my heart would melt.

And, then at some point I guess we just stopped. Maybe it had something to do with the death of our CD player...who knows.

It's definitely something that I want to "bring back" into our lives.

It's really brought home to me the point that we as parents have to actively bring the traditions that we want to our families. Tim and I grew up with some different traditions around holidays, and now that Little Dude is 2--we really need to figure out how we want to celebrate things and to make them part of the fabric of our lives--instead of just "winging it".

Our challenge will be that for most of the big holidays we are traveling to or from one set of parents or the other. And, so we will have to integrate our traditions into the homes where we are staying.

What are the traditions that your family has that you loved? Any that you plan to carry on into your own family?


  1. That is sweet. I like the idea of dancing together in the morning to start the day! I may adopt that, it will be like emotional caffeine!!

  2. It is like emotional caffeine and after that first day Liam reminds me about dancing "like when he was a baby". Just before we left town for our separate trips he had me put him down so he could show his monkey how to dance to the song like he an mamma. Love it.


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