Saturday, May 29, 2010


I didn’t realize when I was pregnant with Keith nearly 3 years ago that not only was I soon going to have a son, but I also was getting a best friend.

My husband works nearly 80 hours a week as a resident at Johns Hopkins. This is his 3rd of 6 years of residency. This means it’s just me and my little buddy several days a week. His first year of residency was when I became pregnant with Keith and I have to admit, it was a lonely time.

February 2008 came and my best friend Keith Elliott Follmar II was born. It has been a precious journey over the last two years, watching him grow and become a little boy. It brings tears to my eyes to think about how much he has changed and what a great little person he has become.

We do everything together, from going to doctor appointments together to shopping for a new dress (for me) or going to visit family across the country. He was even with me when we heard his sibling’s heartbeat for the first time a month ago. We always do it together. Most of time, he is my biggest cheerleader and fan, which I love and often take for granted. I will put on the most random everyday clothes and he will say “cute shirt mama.”. He knows exactly how to bring a smile to my face. No matter how wonderful or hard our day has been, I always have someone to cuddle and hug at the end. I can tell him anything and know he’ll just listen and say something cute.

I know as he gets older, the non-judgmental loving personality will probably change a bit. I’m going to hold on to this loving adorable perfect boy as long as I can because he is my best friend!

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