Monday, May 17, 2010


So...I think I can take care of a houseplant now...

Before kids I was the kind of person that would have a pile of laundry that my kids could get lost in, and I never could have a houseplant because they would always die. Not that I am terribly organized now, but...having kids has helped me to be more efficient. I know full well that if I don't keep on top of things it will get out of control fast! I would much rather spend time doing a million other things besides laundry and cleaning like everyone else especially things with my kids, so my goal is to do a little everyday so I can have time with my kids and all of those things that come up. I guess it seems so simple and obvious, but to me it is huge progress!

A more important change that is somewhat related to being efficient is that I am more nurturing. I have always been around kids, with literally 40 cousins, half of which are younger, I had tons of experience. I also decided to pursue a career as an elementary teacher which was great. I thought I was so in tune with kids and nurturing, but I was only half way there. As we parents all know, it is when you can rub the head of a child who is puking, sleep with small forceful feet kicking you all night, nod off with a sick or sleepless child all night, tolerate tantrums, in addition to all of the other not so appealing things we do, that we really know what it means to be nurturing. It is ironic that the more we sacrifice the more we gain because the energy and time we give to our kids now is coming back to us and will continue to in the form of sticky kisses, hugs, special drawings, kind words, and the list goes on and on!

I think about how being a mother has made me a better person everyday. As I was growing up babysitting or teaching, I thought that it would be so easy to be a mom, ha. It isn't easy, God has amazingly humbled me! I wouldn't trade the job or the trials and tears that have brought me to this point. Mother's Day to me is a celebration of that change and I think this Mother's Day I can go ahead and buy myself a house plant.

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  1. I love me some "sticky kisses".

    And nothing better encapsulates how a mother show love than, "it is when you can rub the head of a child who is puking, sleep with small forceful feet kicking you all night". It really is the small things.

    The things you might complain about to a friend or neighbor and yet I think they are the things I will miss the most as he gets older.

    PS-If I get you in the gift exchange this totally know you are getting a plant. LOL


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