Sunday, May 16, 2010


Enjoy each day with your child. That time goes way too fast. We only have them for such a short time and then they are out on their own.

Remember to keep the baby book up to date. The older they get the more they will appreciate that book.

Write dates and peoples names on the back of pictures - we think we will remember - but we don"t. (yes I know they will probably all be on a disk)

Love them a lot and have patience - some days it takes a lot.

They will bring more joy (and some sadness) than you every imagined, to your entire life.

We all, as parents, do the very best we can at the time - sometimes we look back and wished we would have done some things different - but remember we are not perfect.

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  1. I haven't been great with the baby book, but I know I love looking at mine. So, I'll have to do better. Hopefully he'll have all the stories on this blog to look back on.

    All his pictures will probably be on a disk, so I'll have to get to labeling them somehow. Hmmm...where will I find the hours.

    Liam is the most happiness I have ever known..indeed!


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