Friday, March 26, 2010


Liam is all about coffee these days after our trip out to visit my folks in February where he woke up every morning asking if we could make "Papa Coffee?". And, then with Nana's visit in March where we broke out our coffee pot that is used once maybe twice a year--he became even more transfixed. He found a pilot to one of his helicopters that has a mug of coffee mounted into his hand and he has been drinking his "coffee" for the past several weeks.

Then, today he found this little tiny mug with my name on it that I think my grandmother got me ages ago because it actually had my name spelled right.

And, he's been "drinking" out of it all day. Here you can see how he even knocks his head back to get every last drop.

Bottoms up, little fella!


  1. He can come visit Aunt Jamie anytime and have all the warm coffee flavored milk he wants. :)


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