Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Craft

I'm not a naturally "crafty" person, just ask any number of folks. But, I saw this craft in Family Fun magazine while at my folks and thought it looked adorable. So, we pulled it up on their website to make sure we had the skinny on it, the materials needed and then went to town.

First, you need an egg carton (minus the eggs). You'll need to cut off the top and side flap, leaving just the bottom.

Then, flip the carton over on a piece of white tissue paper and trace around the outside of the carton and cut out. (Not the best photo, I know.)

Then, fill each egg cup with the treat or trinket of your choice. You could easily fit a few coins or a folded up dollar bill for older kids. Stickers and not sweet things would work well too, but we opted for treats for our creation. Liam "loved" putting all the treats in. Eat one, put one in, eat two, put one in.

Then, place a teeny amount of glue around the outside edge of the egg carton and along the inside edges of each of the cups. We used Elmer's and even though we were very sparse it did drip a little. So, make sure to check for any dripage before attaching the tissue paper. The tissue paper should fit perfectly and just needs to be pressed on.

The final step is to cut out circles to place over each of the cups so that the wee ones can't "peek" and see what's inside. We used 3 different colors of tissue paper and used the bottom of a spice jar to trace out the size. Then, we cut just inside each of the traced circles and glued them on.

We started this last Wednesday so each of the 12 days before Easter he can open a "peek-a-boo" window. We had some trouble with our computers crashing and weren't able to post it until today, but you could easily do it with a carton of 6 or 8 eggs. Here he is opening his first one.

 We had so much fun, I plan to use this a lead-up activity to his birthday, Halloween and Christmas.


  1. That is so cute Alissa. What a great craft tradition to start with Liam. :)

  2. I am glad you were able to fix your computer so you could share your pictures...very cute.

  3. I am so glad that my computer is working again too. Although, we feel it is only temporarily. I'll be getting a Netbook soon for blogging only and will replace this sucker when we have to.

    Liam loved this. When we were done, he was all "more craft, more craft, more craft".

  4. This is such a cute great idea! I'm lovin' it!!!

  5. Thanks, Allison!

    Every morning he is all about "egg cup". And, this really seems to have started a passion for crafts in him. We hadn't really done any in our house before this and have done one a day since then since he keeps asking for them.


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