Saturday, January 14, 2012

Capturing January One Photo At A Time

January is flying by.

I'm working a lot, which is awesome, but which also leave very little time for blogging. So while I haven't been doing much to capture the month in words, I have been playing along with Fat Mum Slim and her January photo challenge on Instagram (I'm @AlissaEnders) called #JanPhotoADay.

Check out the hashtag on Twitter or Instagram to see some wonderful photos. Here are mine, with the daily prompt below each photo.

January 1: You

January 2: Breakfast

 January 3: Something You Adore

January 4: Letterbox

January 5: Something You Wore

January 6: Makes You Smile

January 7: Favorite

January 8: Your Sky

January 9: Daily Routine

January 10: Childhood

January 11: Where You Sleep

January 12: Close-Up

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