Monday, January 16, 2012

Who Knew Justin Beiber & Miley Cyrus Sound Exactly Alike?

Week two and here we are at the eleventh hour...again.

I'll be honest and let you know that until about 6 p.m. tonight I had another song planned entirely. Then, I remembered that this one was in the queue and it seemed a perfect fit for MLK day.

Aside from the great lessons of humanity that apply to MLK day, I also love this song because when the rap kicks in 3/4 of the way through starts to break out his own rhymes.

(Which is eleventy thousand kinds of awesome.)

The song is a bit lengthy and the intro makes me want to break out into jazz hands and/or spirit fingers (for those of you who have seen Bring It On) or something for crying out loud.Thirty plus seconds is a loooong time to stare lovingly into a camera.

Hope you like it.


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