Friday, December 9, 2011

The Unexpected Shattering of My Heart

It wasn't quite I HATE YOU, it was almost worse.

Is there worse than hearing your kid say I HATE YOU????

Lord, knows I said it to my own mother more times than any heart should have to bear.

A lovely day spent in the city with an old friend who hadn't seen us since he was a baby.

We played trains and make-believe and chase until it was time to go.

A quick drop off and we were nearing home when I heard....

Him: "Mama, I need to tell you something!"

Me: "Sure, what's up?"

Him: "Mama, I don't love fact, I never did."
He's three.

He broke my heart into a million pieces.

It took a moment before I composed myself and told him that it was a shame that he didn't love me anymore.

It took a moment before I told him that my love would never falter, come what may--part of my heart was marked forever his.

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