Thursday, December 8, 2011

It Was The Worst Of Gifts...

While reading the BEST of gifts was fun, the true fun starts here.

It Was The WORST of Gifts...

‎"2005 or 2006. My first birthday with a new boyfriend, he got me the DVD of the first season of Family Guy. I had never seen the show, and all I could say was,"You obviously got this for yourself. Why even pretend that it's a gift for my birthday??". (He got the point, and subsequent gifts were better.) -Mindy 

"Worst? A blue, glass ashtray with the Last Supper on the bottom. From an aunt who was clearly misguided (for many reasons, one being I didn't smoke)." -Natalie

"The worst gift I ever got was a ceramic teapot of a little boy on a sled... and the little boy's head came off to get the water in. It took me a long time to get rid of it because it came from one of my favorite relatives. :)" -Vanessa

"The worst gift I ever got was an umbrella for Christmas when I was a kid. It was solid blue, so it didn't even have a cute girly design or anything. I was 10 at the time and thought... WTF? Don't you give a kid a toy at Christmas? Haha." -Mary

"Worst gift...a remote car starter that my step-father, brothers, and husband tried to install for me. The gift was great BUT it activated the anti-theft system in my car. We had to get towed to the dealership so they could fix it (by removing the remote car starter)." -Jodi

"Worst gift was an 6ft x 4ft giant clown blanket." -Crystal

"Worst gift I ever received? My Godmother gave me a doily-shaped angel sweatshirt... with a doily collar two years in a row. I was 15 & 16. Yup." -Kelli

"I've gotten bad gifts here and there but I'm not sure I could pinpoint the worst. Unless it was the time my grandmother got me a pair of pants for Xmas so large I could fit both legs in one leg hole. When I was 11." -Audrey 

"The worst gift I ever received was 3 bars of Slim Jim's (even worse was my friend received the same gift and she is a vegetarian!). -Alisyne

"I'm lucky enough to not have had many terrible gifts, though my then-mother-in-law did buy me baby gifts as Christmas presents about 3 years before I was pregnant." -Judi 

"Worst gift? Definitely a toilet brush holder in the shape of a cat. Return!" -Leigh An 

"The worst gift would be a mop and bucket! Thanks A LOT... :)" -Anash

"I know of a man who gave his wife a can of beans as her only present for one holiday. And while they weren't rich they also could get beans when needed or wanted." -April

"When we were first married, he bought me an outfit that made me look like a boy. I only kept the shoes & he hasn't bought me clothing since!" -Julia

"My family has a tradition of husbands giving wives "thoughtful" presents that the wives never asked for and didn't really want. My grandfather gifted my grandmother with a wheelbarrow to make her chores easier. My father gave my mother a self-propelled lawnmower for the same reason. My beloved husband narrowly avoided death when he heard me recount this story and scooted off to the mall to return the blender he had gotten for me. He replaced it with the best present I ever got from him: a leather jacket that looked like the one I had in high school and adored. It fit and he got it on sale! -Andrea

"While opening wedding gifts L A T E at night (no guests in the room): A poorly decoupaged bible-shaped clock with Jesus' head facing off the right side. I exclaimed gleefully upon opening, "Look, honey, a clock for the garage!" -Jennifer

"The year I was pregnant with Dean (he was born 10 days after Christmas, so you can imagine how enormous I was), my MIL gave me a size XS brown velour jogging suit. I was not a size XS before I was pregnant. I opened it and she yelled, "It's for after you lose the baby weight!" And then I cried." -Jen

Wishing you NONE of these under your tree this year!

Happy Holidays!

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