Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It Was the Best of Gifts...

Do you love how Twitter and Facebook have an answer for just about everything?

I do!

So I asked little Ms. Social Media what were the best and worst gifts she has ever received.

Sit down with a GIANT Diet Coke (as Liam calls them), put your feet up and enjoy! 

It Was The BEST of Gifts...

"Mother's Day 2011. (My 2nd Mother's Day ever.) My husband took the baby out visiting the entire day so I could sleeeep and be utterly lazy for the first time in 2 years. No flowers, no candy, no dinner...just sleep. It was glorious. It was beautiful. BEST. GIFT. EVER."  -Angenette

"Best? Tickets to see Keith Richards & the Expensive Winos. I L-O-V-E Keith Richards!!!!" -Natalie

"Best gift I ever got was my husband and kids. Corny, I know!" -Mary

"Hmmm . . . Barbie townhouse when I was about 8 was pretty cool. I spent many hours with that - especially liked the elevator! The piano (real one - not a Barbie one) was great . . . although I didn't think that practicing was so great at the time." -Kristen

"Best gift? A white-gold sapphire & diamond ring the hubs surprised me with for our 5th wedding anniversary." -Kelli

"My favorite gift - New Years Day '10 I had my daughter.. Otherwise I'd say my stamped necklace from The Vintage Pearl."  -Carla

"I've had many wonderful gifts. I remember getting quints, makeup, and a Cabbage Patch Doll for Easter as a kid (stuck with me all these years so must have been a really good gift)." -Alisyne

"Best? I would say my engagement ring." -Leigh An

"My Camera from Seth :) It inspired me to pursue my passion in photography! Definitely the best. present. EVER!" - K.C. 

"My husband gave me a membership to Brick Bodies. Initially I was mad because I didn't want to spend the money but I love it there." -Julia

"I always appreciate socks..." -Anna

"Best gift--My husband bought me a killer red dress for my birthday one year. He saw it in a shop window and went in and bought it. I had a special event coming up, so I had something gorgeous to wear." -Jen 

"My first Schwinn bicycle when I was about 12. Also, Rich once gave me a live lobster wrapped up in a box for my birthday...laughed until it hurt." -Janet

Check back tomorrow for the WORST gifts!

There are some doozies!

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