Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pay It Forward {Day 6/Year 2}

365 days ago today I chose to Pay It Forward via the blogosphere and social media. In the on-line world "engagement" is the currency of choice. While it is all sorts of awesome to have readers, subscribers, followers, likes, etc. the real "high" comes from comments and responses to a status update or tweet among other things.

A few days ago I didn't have work in the evening and thought I'd spend the evening checking out blog posts, tweets, whatever folks had to recommend. I tweeted out that I was looking for stuff to read several times that day (someone even retweeted it to their followers), posted it on my personal and blog Facebook pages and got one reply. One.

In lieu of suggestions, I decided to go back and see some of the things I did last year and stumbled upon the fact that one year ago I did my pay it forward by visiting every blog on my blogroll and commenting.

This year I did that, checked out lots of posts (and commented) from the BlogHer NaBloPoMo website. Made sure I was being good about following people back on Twitter, engaging back on Facebook via my blog page...being a good steward of social media.

Go out today or tomorrow and throw a blogger or ten a comment. Be generous with your retweets. Find ways to connect, engage, be "social".

If there is something you think I should read, someone I should follow, etc. Leave the link in the comments.

I've also added a Linky to this post. Feel free to link up one or two of your best (as judged by you) posts.

Today, it was pay it forward blogger style.

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