Friday, November 25, 2011

Pay It Forward {Day 25/Year 2}

Black Friday is the perfect day to Pay It Forward. For me it's the perfect storm of shopping, deals and people watching. I woke with a sore throat and the sniffles after having had the flu yesterday, but little can deter me from the magical beginning of the holiday season. Christmas songs on the radio and an old friend coming up to spend the day together catching up and walking more than our fair share of miles was just what I needed to spring from my slumber at 3am.

By 4 I was merrily making my way into a parking space, when I decided to yield the super close spot to the person coming the other direction. See you easy that was?

Then, it was off to score my holiday loot from the first store, and I was able to allow someone to go ahead of me in line. Zing.

A glorious lady at my 4th store went and scored me a bag for the awkward items I was holding. (What goes around, comes around.)

My favorite part of the day was when I brought six "20% off your entire purchase coupons" to a place I knew that would honor them in addition to the great discounts today. I gave out the extra five to other shoppers, two of which were VERY stoked to receive them. (We were able to give out some extra coupons in a few other stores too.)

In another store, someone gave us a 20% off coupon and we in turn gave her our frequent shopper punch card so that she could combine it with hers for a super awesome discount on her next trip there.

I purchases lunch for my friend who made the trek up to visit.

All in all it was a wonderful day of both giving and receiving, just like it should be.

Happy Holidays!

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