Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pay It Forward {Day 24/Year 2}

The little Thanksgiving that didn't.

That was the theme of our celebration today.

At about 1am Tim and I woke to each other shaking, not because of an earthquake or other worldly disturbance, but because we were both frozen...fever. The fever morphed into insane nausea, compounded by a lack of ability to breathe without coughing up half a lung.

It was official, we had both been hit by the flu on Thanksgiving. Total bummer.

We tried to go on about our merry way this morning and make Thanksgiving dinner for Liam, but the smells from the different foods sent us to immediately toss our cookies and so we called a truce on the Thanksgiving meal.

We spent the entire day being kind to one another, napping in shifts and Liam has been an angel about it all day.

We did wish him a Happy Thanksgiving and he responded that it couldn't be if we didn't have turkey. It's amazing how quickly they learn of traditions.

I am thankful today for a day of paying it forward to each other with naps, movies and taking things slow. I am also thankful that the flu is the worst of it. (knock on wood)

Hope you had a more magical Thanksgiving.

I am thankful to each of you for reading.

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