Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pay It Forward {Day 23/Year 2}

All Hail, Day of the Kiddo commenced today!

Last year, I did a day of Pay It Forward to Liam and I knew I wanted to include it this year as well.

The day started with a Jelly+Fish=Jellyfish sandwich. You know, jelly on the new Pepperidge Farm fish shaped bread.

Then we were off to the library where he picked up the same 'pocket video' that we returned last night. Because we wouldn't want to go more than a day without Art Dog would we?! Apparently, the answer to that is a loud resounding NO!

After securing not only Art Dog, but a Diego book on CD we zoomed over to eat burgers and fries with his good buddy for lunch before meandering back in the general direction of our house.

Once home, we settled in for a little Word World, and then the best part of letting him make the choices today, we watched the trailers for all the kid's movies out right now and he settled on Arthur Christmas. As soon as Dad got home from work, we headed out and gave dad a little free time of his own--ya know, to prepare for our company tomorrow.

I'm going to admit that I thought I was going to simply endure Arthur Christmas for Liam and I came out with a new favorite kid Christmas movie. 

And, then he rewarded me for letting him take the helm of this ship all day by choosing to go to bed a whole HOUR early.


If you have a chance to let your kid(s) make the decisions for the day or even the afternoon this holiday season, I'd highly recommend it.

'Tis the season for making magic happen!

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