Sunday, November 13, 2011

Candle Wax, Footprints and One Dirty Deed


Second only to "No whining." and "I love  you." in a mom's daily vocabulary.

However, "mess" can define itself a lot of ways over the course of days and weeks and months in the life of a mother.

There's this kind of mess: The hey-mom-I-just-threw-a-citronella-candle-all-over-the-floor kind of mess that masquerades itself as a you-can't-get-angry-because-at-least-I'm-okay kind of mess. But for the love of all things orderly this was a pain in the you know what to clean up.

And, then there is the "embarrassing mess". That my friends goes a little something like this.

Since Liam was born we have gotten together at least every two weeks for a play group with the folks from our childbirth group. It's pretty neat that these kiddos have known each other since they were in our bellies. For the first year we met at the weekly hospital luncheon, then the second year it was at our place because we live a hop, skip and a jump from the hospital and then this last year we have taken turns rotating it at one another's house and taken turns being the "lunch lady" as it were.

Cue 6 weeks or so ago when we were at a friend's house who has a gorgeous modern home where everything has a place. It's a lovely relaxing place to visit and Liam always enjoys going to everyone's house because of the wide variety of different toys, this one in particular has a trash truck that speaks to him on a I-must-have-this-or-I'll-die-level.

Anywho, lunch was done and we had moved to their giant basement that doubles as a super cool play room so the kids could play and the moms could talk. Liam set up shop at the train table, as he is wont to do and we chattered away when slowly but surely the scent of poop filled the room. As each mother checked her child, it was ME who had apparently hit the "britches are full" jackpot.

The problem? My kid was in underwear NOT a pull-up. So as I took him to the bathroom to change him and chatted with him about how the toilet might be a more appropriate place--I noticed "dirt" on the bathroom floor. Oh no! My kid had been tracking mud in their house??

So, in the midst of trying to change him I took off his sandal and YES you guessed it. He pooped, it rolled out the pant leg of his underwear, he stepped in it and had been trotting it all over their WHITE carpet for who knows how long.

I emerged from the bathroom, MORTIFIED.

Um, was has a lot of poop on his shoe. (hides head in shame)

And, then I looked down at the carpet and it was EVERYWHERE.

I have never been so mortified.

That my friends is my biggest mess...what's yours?

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