Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pay It Forward {Day 12/Year 2}

Sometimes it's not as easy to pay it forward as one might anticipate.

With two exceptions, every single time that we have gone to an event at the Maryland State Fairgrounds someone has walked down the line of folks waiting to buy tickets and given us free passes. This thought crossed my mind when I bought our tickets to the Irish Festival, but I went ahead and purchased them online anyway.

I mean, come on, this can't continue forever, right?

As we were pulling into our parking spot I pulled up the Twitter feed for the event to see if there was any additional info on the children's area and saw a contest for a couple of tickets. Wouldn't you know we won them?! Thanks An Poitin Stil!

We thought they'd be the perfect gift for a couple that has graciously watched Liam for us a few times as of late and will be watching him again in a few weeks. No dice, they have plans tomorrow. Then, we thought perhaps another couple with young children would be interested. Nope, their youngest is getting baptised. And, down the list we have gone...seems we know a lot of very busy people. We are waiting to hear from two more sets of folks before we look to pass them on to someone else.

It's fun to think about winning tickets with the sole intention of giving them to someone else.

It is however a challenge in our over-scheduled world to find someone who can use them.

Doing good for the sake of doing good feels nice.

In other news, there is still an XL shirt up for grabs from yesterday's post.

Have you had a chance to pay it forward today?

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