Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week In My Life: Saturday

All this week I'll be doing my best to show you what a week in our life looks like on a day-to-day basis. Come play along by linking up over at Adventuroo. (She's the mastermind behind this.)

No cute wake-up call this morning as I woke up for work before he popped open his peepers. (The alarm clock is way less cute.) It was rough to wake up as it was the first really truly DARK day. Finally I forced myself out of bed and made my way to work. I love days when the moon is still out at dawn, that with the cooler temperatures made my grogginess a little easier to bear.

Since as interpreters we can't really talk with our co-workers, we use a notebook to communicate. This is our notebook, my team's phone and my peanut M & M's. They kept me from falling asleep while flapping my arms around.

When I came home there was a Halloween package at the front door from my Mom for Liam. It had all sorts of fun stuff in it and he loves to get some mail (just like his parents).

I napped for a bit, thanks to my super awesome husband before heading out to work at a Comedy Club. It's my absolute favorite kind of work. There is no bringing your "B" game when you share a stage with a couple of comics. Really good times!

We shared a sitter with friends of ours and they came along with Tim to the show. Afterward we had time to catch a bite and some drinks at a nearby watering hole. It was a really incredible night.

That was my Saturday. How was yours?

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