Monday, October 24, 2011

Are you wrong?

Cue Music.

Cue eyes the size of saucers as his little voice calls out,

"MAMMA! It's YOUR song!"

That's right, it's MY song. (Back off Pink!)


Every time this song comes on in the car, a store at home he lights up.

I'm pretty sure he thinks I sing it. Which is all sorts of awesome since I sort of sound like a duck being run over by semi-truck when I sing.

Fast Forward to this past week when the two of us had a dance party in the basement. There was a lot of the Diego theme song, a little Mickey Mouse clubhouse and then I turned on the Clever Girls "Raise Your Glass" video and yeah...totally MY song.

The big exception this time was that he really started to pay attention to the lyrics, and he was all --

"Raise Your Glass if you are wrong in all the right ways."

Then he paused, looked at me and very seriously asked...

Liam: "Mamma are you wrong?"

Me: "Sometimes, buddy."

(long pause, then very conspiratorially)

Liam: "Do you raise your glass?"

Me: *Fits of Laughter*

I. Love. This. Kid.

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