Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Slowly, every so slowly we have started the transition of taking Liam from his crib to his "big boy" bed. The first time was early this past spring and he sobbed so openly for his crib to be put back together that we caved almost instantly. This time however we have sent the crib away with family to be used for a cousin who is expected later this year--so we have no fall back. It's sort of big boy bed or bust in our house and it's a good thing, because had we not I'm sure it'd be back up again.

This past week in particular he's been really struggling, taking two or three hours to get himself quieted down and even then only sleeps in his room for half the night. Today however, I caved. I was pretty sure that I could get him to sleep in under 20 minutes if I let him sleep in our bed and I was right.

This whole lack of sleeping and never-ending whining that seems to accompany his ringing in three and well... I just needed a break. I needed more than just the time driving to and from work to myself, to have quiet, to work on the computer, to do anything other than listen to a kid whine about how he's not tired, how he'd just like to watch Diego, or anything else that comes into his mind. And, so today I caved.... maybe tomorrow I'll be stronger, more resolute. Then again, maybe he will be too.

Do you struggle with whining or sleeplessness in your household?

What strategies do you use to combat it?

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