Monday, July 11, 2011

Rockin' da Baby

(After last month's Rockin' the Bump post, Shell over at Things I Can't Say decided to add a Rockin' the Baby meme this month. If you have an adorable baby shot of yourself or your babies, go link up!) *until 7/18/11

In this picture Liam and I had only officially been introduced to each other for just over a week, most of which we spent in the hospital. So here we are a day or two into life at home, trying to figure each other out.

In our very first days home with our new baby we tried to show Liam comfort through music. When he first responded to Norah Jones, we immediately downloaded a few songs, loaded them onto a iPod Shuffle and clipped it to the side of his pack and play on repeat.

He also showed interest in Hallelujah or as we called it then, "The Shrek Song". So we went to You Tube and several times a day played him a million varieties until he settled on really liking this version by Allison Crowe.

Here I am sitting with him on the couch one morning singing along to You Tube when my mom came up from the basement and snapped this picture.

I love it!

This picture speaks volumes to me...Liam looking to me for the answers. Me looking at him with endless wonder.

What are some of your favorite pictures in your home?

What memories do they trigger?

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