Friday, July 8, 2011

I Blame Diego!

While I was making lunch, Liam decided to go out on the deck where unbeknowst to me there was some sort of housefly convention mere inches from the door. One mere whiff of the cool air and the lazily arranged fruit bowl inside and they all decided to relocate their soiree to our kitchen.

Gazillions of flies were now roaming the wide yellow yonder of our kitchen.

And by gazillions I mean 5.

But, 5 VERY annoying flies.

As they were zooming here there and everywhere around my head and the food I waas preparing for lunch I decided to take matters into my own hands and go all ninja warrior on them with my spatula. Watch out Alton Brown!

Liam took a more natural approach I guess when he decided to spend well over the next hour (closer in fact to two hours) chasing the remaining 2 flies that hadn't yet become victim to my spatula splatting and tried to catch them with his tongue.

He rattled on something about five fingered frogs, sticky feet and tongues...I really don't understand. But I'm pretty sure I know who does. I'm blaming Diego and all his "rescuing animals in trouble" schtick that makes up nearly every second of our lives.

I mean if I have to rescue one more imaginary whojamawhudjit from a tree, I'm going to have to call Diego's mom and say we need a little space.

In the meantime, I'm always rooting for my kid to exceed...except for maybe catching flies with his mouth.

Is hoping for this failure really so bad?

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