Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Awesomely Awesome v.s. Awesomely Awful

Our life seems to be lived out in moments of sheer ecstasy and/or sheer terror these days with very few "meh" moments to be found lurking in the shadows.

Awesomely Awful: Days that start with my kid dumping an entire citronella candle out on the floor. It had been on the deck and had already melted from the lovely east coast summer heat. I'll admit it was several hours later before it dawned on me that he could have been severely burned. All I saw at the moment was one very unfortunate mess that would take a loooong time to clean up. Some of the grout in fact might never get the waxy residue removed completely from its surface.

Awesomely Awesome: Later that day my very water phobic kid asked if we could go to the beach with his "diggers". I packed up a few bags full of toys and not a single swimsuit or towel because it never dawned on me that he would go in. My whole mini-goal for the day was to see if I could get him within 6 inches of the water. After about 30 minutes, he walked in to the water up to his neck. What the heck?! I was soooo proud! Both of us drenched with our clothes on...people looked at me like the lunatic I was (waist deep in white pants) but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. (Pictured: The nekkid ride home.)

Awesomely Awful: The next day was no less bipolar when on a trip to the park he unscrewed the cap of his thermos and dumped 16 ounces of milk on to the floor of my car. Let's just say it's a very good thing I love him so much.

Awesomely Awesome: Anytime we go out to eat, and we go out more than we should. He asks to sit in a booth so he can wrap his arm around me while we eat. It makes the whole getting food into my mouth a bit of a challenge. But, I love a snuggle in any shape and size. He also voluntarily tells me he loves me all day long. It's kind of amazing.

What are the awesomely awful/awesomely awesome parts of your day?

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