Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reality TV Generation

I often wonder what Liam's generation is going to think about the fact that they never EVER look out to a sea of smiling, waving parents.

When they take their turn on the carnival ride, or do their thing at the school talent show they look back at a thousand pieces of cameras, camera phones, camera phones with videos, etc.

Do they feel some sort of disconnect in not seeing a beaming human being looking back at them? Will this affect the way that they interact with others?

I hear people complain about how the current generation of teenagers doesn't "look up". How they don't seem to get the importance of engaging one another by looking people in the eye. And, yet I see a whole generation of parents who don't look them in the eye either.

Take that and add it to the fact that daddy or mommy can text, email and watch television shows on their smart phones and I think it's time to step back and think about what we are presenting to our children.

I'm also very glad that my entire life was not documented with endless video and camera shots. But, maybe they'll embrace it. They'll have some of the most documented lives around.

Maybe we're just all raising our own brand of reality TV stars.

Do you put the camera down and just enjoy the moment sometimes?

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