Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Dear Little Dude,

You are 3 years old today!

You are 1/6 of your way to college.

I can't quite believe there will be a day when we won't spend the entire day frolicking around at playgrounds and.... that will end in just a few years when you enter kindergarten.

You are a sweet boy and people are often impressed by your manners. This makes me proud. A solid please and thank you will open many doors for you in life.

You have tremendous determination and anything you decide to do or not do, usually will happen just as you determine it too. I see us butting heads in your teenage years.

Turning 3 also means that you won't have to do multiple digit display any more. No more, I am two, but on my birthday I am going to be 3. It's just three from here on out buddy. Or as you told someone today, 'til your next birthday when you turn 4.

We had no idea 3 years ago today how awesome you'd be. We hoped, but we didn't know for sure.

Your sense of humor, kindness and spastic dancing are some of my most favorite things in the world.

Here's to an amazing year!

I love you.


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