Thursday, June 9, 2011

Capture the Everyday : Fun with Water

Back when I lived in Virginia, before I met my husband, my roommate and I used to go down to the boardwalk in our town on the occasional weekend evening. After dusk the street performers would come find a space to settle into before putting on their show. Their was always a guy drawing caricatures of folks, a woman breathing fire, and a guy who would play ornate pieces of music on the rims of glasses. He must have had no less than 60 glasses out...all different sizes and shapes filled with varying amounts of water. As he would ready himself for a new piece, he'd take some water from one cup and add a little more to the next until he had them perfectly tuned.

In addition to those artists who were a staple for the summer, there were always a variety of others acts as well. He was always our favorite though, quiet and unassuming just doing what he loved in the most incredible and humble of spaces.

The weekend before Type-A, while my guys travel up north for a car show and to see Nana I plan to drive down to my old stomping grounds and spend the day with my former roommate. I hope to spend the evening on the boardwalk...hopefully this guy will be there still

What does "Fun with Water" mean to you?

Today's post is part of Melissa's (Adventuroo) Capture the Everyday series that takes place on lots of blogs in and around the blogosphere. The prompt for today was "Fun with Water".  

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