Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Close to the Heart

A couple not unlike any other couple.

A marriage similar and yet so different from others.

A night home at the same time.

And, the shared experience of a show they both adored.

Popcorn popped, drinks in hand, they settled in for more than a few episodes of a show long past, stored in a queue to play instantly.

They didn't speak and yet they connected in their mutual need to veg out, to let go, to unwind.

And, then there it was the second to last show of the season. A very pregnant lead character wheeled into the OR for an emergency/unscheduled c-section.

Then, she had complications--she could have been lost. But, by the grace of the universe is here to mother her child.

The episode ended, the couple tears in their eyes looked at each other and made the decision that had wreaked havoc on their hearts for three years.

The story was too similar to their own. And, altough it wasn't easy they decided in that moment not to have any more children.

It wasn't worth the risk.

They loved each other and their son too much.

That couple is us, and we are done having children.

Some days it breaks our heart, but it gives us peace too.

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