Thursday, May 19, 2011

Capture the Everyday: Something You Need To Upgrade

Everyday for the lasts nine days I have thought it was Monday and today was no exception.

Whoops, it's actually Thursday! And, that means it's time to Capture the Everyday with Melissa over at Adventuroo.

Better late than never, no?

Today the prompt was "something you need to upgrade". And, um....yeah...that's me. I need an upgrade, I've lost a bit of me since I became a wife and a mother and it's time I put a little love and attention back into me.

I'm really stoked that I'll have a couple of days just to myself before the Type-A Parent conference in June as my boys head out of state to a car show. A couple of days to just be me.

Coming soon, Me 2.0.

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