Thursday, May 26, 2011

Capture the Everyday: Playing with Your Kids

Capturing the Everyday with Melissa from Adventuroo today. Come join us today with the fun summer prompt of "Playing with your kids."

It's a bit hard to capture us playing when it's just me and the iPhone to do the picture taking. But, here we are at the nature center yesterday. We have several nature centers within a 30 minute drive of our house and this is one of our favorites. They have a mommy and me storytime on Mondays and the place gets pretty crowded--so we love to go back another day during the week when we are the only folks there.

The Naturalists (rangers) love it too and they really take the time to make a "nature" impact on Liam. Almost every single trip there when it's not busy, they go in the back to get this or that animal to show Liam. He got to hold salamander eggs a few months ago and three weeks ago someone brought in a newborn opposum that Liam had a chance to hold and let it dangle from its tail on his little fingers. The little opossum is still no bigger than the size of his cupped hands and it's so sweet to watch him hold and pet it.

Yesterday the big find was a turtle about the size of a quarter, ants and a worm hiding under a log.

What does summer and/or playtime mean for you and your kiddos?

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