Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ma'am would you like us to call 911?

I was almost killed by a plastic lawn mower today.

Liam and I had a fabulous morning together. We went to the library, the aviation museum, the playground and made a quick trip to the store to pick up a few things for our vacation that starts tomorrow--all this before lunch. We came home, had lunch together and then he meandered his way out to the water table on our back deck. I filled up a glass with raspberry tea and decided to pop out and join him.

As I looked at him and the water table off to the right I clearly did not see the pint size plastic lawn mower that I tripped over with my left foot before stepping down with my right and then tripping over his car and flying across the deck with tea and iPhone in hand. I slammed down to the deck, but only after my chest came down on the hard plastic arm of the chair and my ear hit something (who knows what), the glass of tea shattering into a million sharp pieces.

This fall was so spectacular and so loud that our neighbors across the way (who had all their windows shut) came scrambling out and shouted over asking if I needed them to dial 911!

Yes my friends it was THAT spectacular!

Death by plastic lawn mower. That is what my tombstone will read.

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