Thursday, April 21, 2011

Capture the Everyday: Be Kind to Mother Earth


Today (and most Thursdays) I am Capturing the Everyday with Melissa over at Adventuroo.  This week's challenge was to capture the ways that we are kind to mother earth. 

In my photo last week I captured one of my Thermos water bottles that I adore and this week I decided to capture the whole family of them. I had thought about a neat snapshot of all of our reusable shopping bags, but decided against it since I think they are almost becoming too much. Some of them that we have received here or there aren't made very well and don't last very long before they have gaping holes and we aren't able to use them. I also think it has become the gimmick-y "freebie" at events and then people have more than they can possibly use and they sit and become clutter...not helping mother nature out at all. Don't get me wrong, I love the ones I have--but how many can a girl really use?!

Back to the bottles, I love them! The little guy has three so in the uber-hot days of summer we can have three options for liquids. That's right, I load 'em all up so that he can't pull the "I'm going to dehydrate myself because I'm not in the mood for what your brought." attitude. I grew up in the midwest and although hydration was important there, the summers were no where near as HOT as they are here. 

Also, I gave up soda for lent and it has been AMAZING how minimal our recylcing is when it is not over-flowing with soda cans and bottles. 

How do you help Mother Nature out?

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