Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Target: You Saucy Minx

Oh Target how do you do what you do?

I went in to buy a single $5.99 hamper and walked out stunned with three small bags and a receipt that says I spent $97.30. How does this happen?

You with your creative product placement and me thinking I need things that I never knew I needed before I walked in.

Just this weekend I interpreted for a comedian who talked about how he walked out with tongs, frozen pastry puffs and a copy of Juno?!?!

I'm glad to know this doesn't only happen to women. This compulsion that only Target seems to know how to do.

That and how to get you to walk out with $50 worth of stuff that barely fills a bag.

You saucy minx!


  1. It is a scientific fact that you can't leave Target without at least $40 worth of items.

  2. Wow, you stayed under $100 at Target?! Can't remember the last time I went there and spent less than $100. Ok, $150.

  3. Michelle's right.It's impossible to get out of there for less than $40 and you usually only have one bag! I could spend my paycheck on their candy aisle. What gets me are the $5 DVDS and anything with those orange and while CLEARANCE stickers!

  4. @ Kelli: But we go there every. single. day. *ugh*

  5. @ Jen: What's your favorite kind of candy?

  6. It happens to the best of us! :)


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